strategic consulting services

strategic planning: collaborate with team leaders to understand the future market, opportunities and challenges; mutually develop business goals, objectives and strategies to achieve defined mid to long term organizational growth.

strategic alliances: establish, build & maintain business partnerships within private and/or public sector; work with stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial long term goals, objectives.

multi-stakeholder engagement: work in unison with internal and external stakeholders to develop common, mutually beneficial plans, programs, consistent with the end goals.

business development services

brand development: create and support implementation of mid to long term brand strategies to drive sustainable, market share and profit margins; includes business planning, market development and internal training.

fund development: work with local and international non-profits, social enterprises to develop action plans, grow current philanthropic revenue, secure new partnerships, create cause marketing and consumer fundraising promotions.

project development & coordination: manage all aspects of projects including development, implementation, communication and measurable performance results.